Students will be admitted on the basis of guidelines by RTE (Right to Education).
Admission of students (upto Class VIII) is subject to Free & Compulsory Education Act, 2009
(Rest as per laid down norms).
Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form available at the School Office. All conditions laid down in the Prospectus and Application form are to be strictly followed. Application in the prescribed form must reach the School office by the 2nd week of January (as per notification). Guidelines for admission are furnished below:
1. Fill up the admission form in all respects.
2. Get your documents verified from the administrative office.
3. Get the final approval of the Principal.
4. Pay the fees at account office.
5. Get text books and note books from Book Store of the Ashrama.
6. School uniform is to be purchased from market.”
Age Criteria
Class Lower Age Limit Higher Age Limit
Nursery 3 yrs. 4 yrs.
 KG I 4 yrs. 5 yrs.
KG II 5 yrs. 6 yrs.
Std. 1 6 yrs. 7 yrs.
Std.  2 7 yrs. 8 yrs.
Std. 3 8 yrs. 9 yrs.
Std.  4 9 yrs. 10 yrs.
Std.  5 10 yrs. 11 yrs.
Std.  6 11 yrs. 12 yrs.
Std.  7 12 yrs. 13 yrs.
Std. 8 & Class VIII 13 yrs. 14 yrs.

Admission Regulation :
1. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
2. Filling up of admission form, taking the Admission Test and attending interview do not guarantee admission in the School.
3. Selection will be automatically cancelled if fee is not paid on the last date stipulated by the School and no reminders will be sent to parents in this regard.
4. Request for transfer of section and choice of class teacher by parents will not be entertained.
5. Parents are requested to adhere to the following age requirements as per the CBSE rules.

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Hostel : The accommodation in the Hostel is subject to availability of seats.